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Scheduled maintenance

For nonfailure and efficient operation of gas equipment, guarantee of operational life, ensuring your safety and saving energy costs, the manufacturer strongly recommends making periodic maintenance work, which includes initial commissioning and annual maintenance.

Commissioning of equipment is fulfilled by a specialist of  Authorized Service Center (ASC) who has the appropriate permit for this type of work and is accredited by the manufacturer.  Fulfillment of initial commissioning is a mandatory requirement of equipment warranty. After commissioning of equipment, an appropriate mark is made in boiler passport. The date of initial commissioning is date of warranty beginning for boiler.

During commissioning of boiler the following works are performed:

  • Verification of compliance of shipment and installation with the manufacturer’s requirements, as well as  acting  rules and regulations regarding operation of gas heating equipment;
  • Tightness check of water and gas circuits of boiler;
  • Measurements of operating parameters of gas supply, water supply and heating systems;
  • Adjustment of device according to specific parameters of gas supply and heating systems in order to achieve maximum efficiency of operation;
  • Check of boiler operation in all modes;
  • Check the response of all protection systems of boiler for its safe operation;
  • Detailed instruction of all people responsible for operation of boiler.

Warranty period for heating equipment is started after completing of all complex of commissioning work.

Fulfilment of annual maintenance is a requirement of operation rules for gas equipment and is a necessary requirement for saving warranty throughout all warranty period.

Maintenance is fulfilled by specialists of Authorized Service Centers (ASC) accredited by the manufacturer. Maintenance is service in consideration of payment and is paid according to price list of ASC. To carry out this type of work you should contact one of the service centers located in your region and submit an application for maintenance. After expiration of warranty period the manufacturer recommends to sign an Agreement between customer and ASC for annual fulfillment of such works. This will significantly increase service life of boiler, avoid cases of non-standard situations and save your budget.

During fulfillment of annual maintenance the following works are performed:

  • Check of chimney draft;
  • Cleaning of burner atomizer, gas burner device, air inlet holes to the main and pilot burners;
  • Tightness check of all connections;
  • Check of operation of control and safety devices;
  • Cleaning of the boiler chimney flues.