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Hot water gas fire-tube boilers ATON STAB 0,25-1,0

Hot water fire-tube gas boilers ATON STAB – a devices with three complete turns of flue gas. Are a monoblock gas-tight system that operates under overpressure as water, or flue gas.

The range of fire-tube hot water gas boilers ATON STAB represented power from 0.25 to 1,0 MW.

fire-tube hot-water pipe system gas boilers ATON STAB consists of a combustion chamber, flame and flue pipes that are attached to the front and back walls of the boiler with welded joints.

Parameter title units 0,25 0,63 1
Capacity kW 250-330 500-700 1000
Efficiency % 93 93 93
The maximum operating temperature of the coolant °C 115 115 115
The maximum operating pressure bar 6 6 6
Gas consumption, not more m³/h 35 76 110
Overall dimensions
length mm 1900 2800 2562
width mm 850 1250 1366
height mm 1500 1800 2025
Weight (dry boiler) kg 900 1900 2150
  • Profitability - one of the best for this type of equipment efficiency - 93%, has a higher heat-exchange surface, respectively, lower thermal loads - increase the service life of the boiler - thanks to three full turnover the waste gases;  
  • Stable operation of the burner – boiler construction ensures stable combustion in the root zone, the absence of pulsations of the flare, good results of harmful emissions, optimum low gas / air ratio in the burner, stable operation without pulsation and vibration;  
  • Safety and Reliability - 100% guarantee of quality of welded joints, which are checked by radiographic control (all welds boiler) and ultrasound; 
  • Longer service life due to the use of special seamless boiler pipes and corrosion-resistant metal increased thickness;  
  • Ease of maintenance - the possibility of opening the door of the furnace in both directions; 
  • Environmental friendliness - meets the requirements of European standards DIN EN303-1 (01.03.1999), DIN EN 303-3 (01.01.1999)
  • The optimal range of models - in power corresponds to a widespread in Ukraine NIISTU boilers, which long service life has expired
  • Package the boiler is equipped with: safety valve (2 pcs.) Pressure transducer, pressure gauge, air vent, burners of the leading European manufacturers (on request).