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Hot water gas boilers ATON SAAB 96/96ХBKT

Hot water gas boilers ATON SAAB are intended to heat the fluid up to 90 ºC in a heating system with natural or forced circulation of the working pressure in the system no more than 4 atm.

The range of hot-water gas boilers ATON SAAB represented capacity of up to 96 kW.

  • Boilers SAAB-96 series are equipped with automatic block valve ElettroSIT 810 manufactured by «SIT Group»
  • Boilers series ATON SAAB 96HV equipped with 2 gas valves 41 VK and automation of security and control, manufactured by Honeywell, as well as the execution of a vertical pipe flue gases. Turbo addition included a series of boilers ATON SAAB 96HVT. Boilers series ATON SAAB 96HVK additionally equipped with a cascade controller Honeywell SDC.
  • Boilers perfectly proved during the installation in an old heating systems: the unique structure heat exchanger and a large water volume for this type of equipment allows boilers to be insensitive to the slurry from the heating system. The boilers have a minimum number of welds made by a special method - this allows for a long time alternating withstand heavy loads during the heating and cooling.
Parameter title units 96 96ХB 96XBT
Capacity kW 96 58/96 58/96
Efficiency % 92 92 92
The maximum operating temperature of the coolant °C 95 95 95
The maximum operating pressure bar 4 4 4
Gas consumption m³/h 10,5-11,6 10,5-11,6 10,5-11,6
Overall dimensions
length mm 800 1000 1130
width mm 680 680 680
height mm 1145 1145 1145
WEight (dry boiler) kg 270 270 270
  • Efficiency not less 92% - efficient use of resources - reducing the cost of heat;  
  • The work of boilers in a cascade is provided;  
  • The high efficiency of the combustion gas is provided by 2 stages of a gas burner; 
  • The complete set top box to force the removal of air; 
  • Guaranteed durability by using high quality materials: stainless steel heat exchanger is made of steel with a thickness of 4 mm; 
  • Uniform heating of the heat exchanger - the lack of durability of thermal stresses; 
  • Ability to adjust the boiler to the nominal power at gas pressure of 1300 Pa, and the ability to work with a load of not less than 90% of the face at a gas pressure less than 1300 Pa;; 
  • Safe operation by automating all control processes; 
  • Have the ability to set the operating mode External temperature control, including weather; 
  • Almost complete silence and absence of vibration due to the presence of low pressure burners and smooth integration of the boiler.