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Heating Holding ATON Group presented a new electric boiler ATON Electro

Heating holding ATON Group at the end of September 2010 has expanded its range of boilers ATON Electro.

The timeliness of the appearance of new items on the thermo-market is obvious. Reasonable price for the general population with European quality - a key advantage ATON Electro. This is extremely important for Ukraine, as the price of gas for households and enterprises of municipal power system starts to go up, and the substitution of natural gas as fuel, cheap "night" tariff of electricity - a priority today. A new model of electric boilers on the market will be called ATON Electro.

In a unique assembly line for Ukraine wall boiler plant «ATONMASH», located in Krasilov (Khmelnitsky region). Produce electric boilers ranging from 8.5 to 22 kW. In the modern line will be large-unit assembly of boilers, testing of finished products, including a thorough review of automation and technical parameters of the models, as well as product packaging.

The developed model differs an attractive design, compact size and modest weight (height / width / depth - 766/388/250 mm, weight - 35 to 37 kg, depending on model). By placing the boiler on the wall, you can free up space for other appliances, which is important for living quarters - corridors, kitchens, etc. To electric boilers ATON Electro can be connected indirect heating boiler. This allows for a short period of time to heat a large volume of water, providing a more comfortable environment for the consumer. Thanks to the multi adjustment, power output is chosen optimally, depending on needs. To build capacity of the boilers can be connected in cascade. Additional comfort is achieved thanks to low noise and environmental performance of the boiler (no harmful emissions and odors at work).

In addition, the competitive feature of the new items - easy to install, convenient location provided by operating units. Thus, the control panel is placed at the bottom, and the electronic board - at the top of the body, which greatly facilitates the connection and maintenance of the boiler and thus saves time installers and service men.

With increased competition among domestic manufacturers of heat engineering, the impact of the plant «ATONMASH» depends on how well he develops and introduces to the market new models of equipment. Therefore, we, as manufacturers are interested in such innovations as electric boiler ATON Electro. Thus, the plant «ATONMASH» expands its product portfolio, while maintaining its leading position in the production of Heat in Ukraine."