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Fireplaces from ATON - an affordable luxury

Heating Holding ATON Group in late September of this year, has expanded its range of fireplaces ATON Interier. The cozy charm from heat of the flame burning fireplace hearth is set to become available, convincing the company. ATON Interier - a new product line built fireplaces manufactured by cast iron, will take a mid-price segment. It still includes two models: ATON Interier 700 B and 700 B-1, which characterized from each other by the presence of a special valve (gate). With it you can more effectively manage cravings and establish optimum combustion. Soon, the range will be topped fireplace for a wider range of users, according to the marketing department of ATON Group.

ATON Interier 700 with a maximum capacity of 18 kW and an efficiency of 75% is used for heating residential area up to 280 m3. Recommended fuel  - wood, but you can use other fuels. With its versatile design of these fireplaces can be refined decor in the office or even in the apartment. Feature of fireplaces ATON Interier  that they are sold without a lining. Universal form of the fireplace dimensions (WxHxD - 690x520x455 mm) weighing 137 kg gives unlimited possibilities in the design of "burning heart" of the room. Which style to choose: Classic, modern, country style or a high-tech - it's the user's choice. Vast opportunities in the budget decisions will save the consumer.

The furnace hearth volume 0.04 m3 made entirely of cast iron, which ensures fast heating and long-term return of warmth and space. Cast iron does not corrode, it is not deformed at high temperature and excellent heat accumulates. In addition it is durable in use.

Structurally ATON Interier – the heating unit, elements of which are linked by special compound of bell. Their seal ensures heat-resistant sealant. The unit consists of  these basic elements, such as: cast-iron fireplace with a double wall of the decorative plate, which is supported at the top with a removable screen, chimney complex (pipes of steel or enameled steel, smoke flue cap, chimney diameter 200 mm). A chimney  flue shall be not less than 5 m, and its cross section is not less than 150 mm. Fireplace provided built-in regenerative circulation of exhaust air, which consists of the bulkhead located on all exterior surfaces of the firebox, ash, and the foundation of stone or brick. Showcase doors made of glass ceramics, which is designed for loads up to 750 ° C. In addition to strength, it boasts an interesting form of glass. The door is the fireplace can turn and go up at once, which is very convenient in operation.

It should be noted that all the components the device: door seal, lining glass keramokarton (in boxes) do not contain asbestos (hydrated magnesium silicates, iron, calcium and sodium in part). This substance has cancer causing effect, and could cause cancer.

An additional advantage of fireplaces ATON Interier - the ability to install a water-cooled rear wall for heating or hot water. Delivery of fully assembled by the manufacturer significantly reduces installation works when you install the fireplace.

In addition to living quarters, fireplaces can be used in day care, outpatient clinics and similar facilities. Equipment manufactured in conformity with all legal requirements and standards in force in Ukraine (SNiP 2.04.05-91 "Heating, ventilation and air conditioning", NPB 252-98 "Heat-generating devices operating on different fuels. Fire safety requirements. Test Methods" , Fire Protection NAPB A.01.001-2004).

Cost of fireplaces ATON Interier from 4500 UAH (manufacturer reserves the right to change price, depending on the euro exchange rate at the time of purchase).