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ATON SAAB-96Х – new steel boilers

ATON Group released an improved model of the boiler ATON SAAB-96 – a two-stage boiler ATON SAAB-96X. This is a steel boiler capacity of 96 kW, which is designed for heating and hot water supply facilities covering about 1000 m2. Its main advantage - the use of a two-stage scheme of regulation of the boiler with electric ignition and low capital intensity at an efficiency of not less than 92%. The price of the equipment, compared with the previous version of the boiler ATON SAAB-96, increased only by 9.5%, according to the company.

ATON SAAB-96X originally designed by Ukrainian standards, so it is most convenient for local projects to be safe during the installation and operation.

Structurally, the new model has undergone significant technical refinements. Thus, in a new boiler gas valve 810 Elettrosit piezo ignition replaced with two gas valves VK 41 with electrical ignition manufacturing HONEYWELL (the Netherlands). This two-step automatic safety controls, and makes the boiler more reliable and more comfortable to operate and cost-effective because of the burning gas. It also provides a flexible integration and different control schemes: the boiler can operate independently at a constant temperature, feeding, and under the control of the controller of the boiler (at room temperature or weather-mode).

Thus, the new automatic update is set up so that immediately after the occurrence of errors in the boiler, this shall be reported on the display hardware (using the controller of the boiler). It is also interesting that if the old ATON SAAB-96 when it was necessary to correct the error manually restart the equipment, the new model is implemented automatically, simply press the dedicated button after blocking prevention. In the process of using the old model, by continuously running a pilot burner with piezo ignition, there may have been a slight loss in performance. This disadvantage is completely eliminated due to the fact that in the ATON SAAB-96X ignition burner with electric ignition turned on automatically only when the main gas supply.

Manual piezo ignition replaced by automatic electronic. The main element of control accidents became ionization detector (instead of a thermocouple). In addition, a significant refinement were operational capability of the boiler, which were impossible in the old boiler. In the construction of a new boiler and pump switch is provided each time the burner. In addition, the possibility of connecting to the chimney through unified elements that earlier was also not possible, since it had to use an original tube transition. It should also be emphasized and increased security: draft stabilizer located at the rear of the boiler, which eliminates the ingress of combustion products into the room.

In the old model, it was impossible to use the turbo nozzle, because the chimney was horizontal. The new feature is implemented is this - a vertical flue, so the boiler can be retrofitted to an element of forced removal of flue gases.

The boiler is able to withstand heavy loads for a long time during heating and cooling, thanks to a further improvement - minimize the number of welds, which pass obligatory radiological control. ATON SAAB-96X provides the water supply temperature to 95 0 C and can operate at pressures up to 0.4 MPa.

The new design of the boiler can be used in a cascade (when used with the boiler controls). Accumulative maximum capacity of the cascade with a ATON SAAB-96X can reach 500 kW. This steel boiler - effective solution for renovation of old buildings, which is an issue of modernization of heating systems. In their boiler developers of АТОN provided two important parameters: the wide aisles between the duct and a large amount of heat exchanger, which makes the SAAB-96X less sensitive to the shortcomings of old buildings: sludge from the water supply system. At the same time preserved the compactness of the boiler: boiler size (l 1000 ? w 700 h 1145mm) allow us to bring it to a standard stairwell - no need to make special mounting passages. Light weight of the boiler (270 kg net weight) can be used as the main component of roof boiler.

It should be noted that steel boilers ATON SAAB-96 widely used in block-transportable boiler (BTB) - mobile heating complexes from ATON Group capacity 192, 288, 384 and 480 kW. BTB may be placed on the roof or on the ground, and their use reduces the per heating season for heating expenses in 2-8 times, compared with central heating. BTB is widely used throughout Ukraine for heating schools and social facilities. Their choice has already been made by more than 50 educational institutions from Khmelnytsky, Poltava, Rivne, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Ternopil, Ukraine and other areas.