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Has been released a condensing boiler ATON

The beginning of 2010 the domestic Thermal Holding ATON Group presented the condensing boiler, manufactured based on the latest technologies of Dutch company Intergas, producing heating equipment since 1939. On the Ukrainian market under the brand ATON represented hanging condensing boilers with capacity 22-36 kW.

A distinctive boiler feature ATON "heart" - an aluminum heat exchanger, in which two copper integrated circuit. The unique technology of aluminum and copper compounds used in the automotive industry. Such a combination of metals when operating in conditions of severe water increases almost twice the life of the of equipment, compared with boilers, which are used in steel heat exchangers. Condensing boilers characterized by much to 17% savings in fuel consumption compared with traditional up to 33% less fuel compared with outdated gas boilers. Additional savings when you install the condensing boiler ATON is reached also due to its thought out design due to which the component parts do not wear out. Also, the boiler works in a mode of condensation in the preparation of hot water, which is impossible with ordinary technologies.

Design features:

  • ATON condensing boiler has low noise characteristics, and thanks to the fan with variable speed and multi-stage pump heating circuit consumes little power.
  • Management the boiler is fully automated. It is implemented from a microprocessor that provides increased safety of operation. It is also possible to remote control operation of the boiler.
  • The equipment is protected from scale, freezing, lack of water pressure or blocking the pump.