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History of ATON Group

The 1930-s

On the territory of the Krasilov sugar trust the workshops for repair the agricultural machinery were created. This fact can be meant the starting point of the enterprise development which had become later the manufacture basis of the ATON brand.

The 1940-s

During the years of Great Civil War the Krasilov plant was totally destroyed.
In 1946 the workshop technical base was supplied with 15 metal-works machines. The foundry was built and started the work the next year. That helped the enterprise to achieve the pre-war productive volumes.

The 1950-s

In the atmosphere of the postwar economic revival of all the industry branches first restructuring of the enterprise took place.
Thereby in 1957 mechanical repair workshops turns to the mechanical repair plant, every other year to the machine-building. There are trailers, cranes, conveyers, tractor tovels, waggon loaders. The enterprise specialization becomes the country sugar industry maintenance which is on the period of the swift increase.

The 1960-s

For the acceleration of the logistic processes and production volumes increase in 1962 a railway track installed on the plant.

The plant starts to produce electrical overhead cranes with the 5 tones lifting capacity and electric runway beams with the 3 tones liftin capacity.

Begins to produce a number of machines foe food and light industries: tank cars, equipment for the cottonseed oil factories, containers for milk storage, limekilns.

The 1970-s

The building peak begins in this century. Enterprise becomes the giant of the machinery building branch. There are more than 2000 workers on the factory which square reaches 1700 sq.m.
The administration performs the third reconstruction of the plant providing it with the advanced on that time german equipment.

The 1980-s

There is a symbolic century for the Krasilov Plant as far as exactly in that period the first heat-engineering devices was produced, what predetermined the basic productive policy of the whole enterprise. Solid-propellant boilers (KChM) were the first, later began the production of the gas-fire boilers and industry boilers.

The 1990-s

As a result of the USSR break-down the industry and the whole economics of Ukraine as well suffers from the deep crisis which is reflected on the production volumes decrease. Production which was released on the Krasilov factory loses it’s consumer what causes total administration confusion, job destruction, long idle time in work.
There is a great technological and personnel damage inflicted to the enterprise, after which factory rehabilitates only a decade later.

The 1995-1999

became the critical in the plant history. Enterprise survives hardly. During this period the engineers-and-techinician managers have to retrain for the work in the new economical conditions.

In the district heating sphere problems aggravated. So there’s appeared an interest in search of the alternative heating systems. As a reaction on demands on the Krasilov machinery building plant's manufacturing capacity the production of the parapet boilers is started.

The 2000-s

Conversion from the centralized heating to the autonomous has formed a necessity in the industry solutions of heating and hot-water supply and the private-usage boilers.
Current situation promoted the factory rehabilitation: the production 153% increase allowed to pay the debts and start the work of some departments.
Clearly formulated purposes of the enterprise development based on the development strategy of the plant became the pivot of inner business process modernization.

In 2003

the trademark ATON was created. Since this year all the heat-engineering production is being released under this trademark.

The origin of the title ATON begins in the Ancient Egypt mythology. It was believed that ATON – is a god of the sun and attends in the every object and living creature.

In 2004

the production of industrial machinery ATON has begun, in particular hot-water fire-tube gas-fired boilers. This step was crucial in development of the new markets and founded base for the development of highly efficient production line equipment.

In 2006

the quality license system was introduced in accordance with international standards ISO 9001-2001. The company first among similar in heat engineering industry certifies ATON products in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. In the same year the production of block-transportable boilers ATON BTK had begun.
Heating equipment TM ATON finds a ready market among consumers and receives the acceptance of the professional community. And in 2006 the plant won the Ukrainian government competition "100 best goods of Ukraine" in three categories: "Domestic flue boilers 8-50 kW TM« ATON », «Domestic chimneyless boilers 7-16 kW TM «ATON», « Industrial boilers with capacity 96, 250 kW TM «ATON».
A program of plant development starts in order to improve the production base.
Significant investments in the implementation of this program help to increase the production capacity and to automate the most labor-intensive processes of welding, assembly and paint products while improving quality.

In 2007

"Krasilov machine building plant" is 75 years existance.
Millionth ATON boiler that was sold in the same year can be considered as a gift to the anniversary of the company, came through from the agricultural machinery repair workshops to the most powerful domestic manufacturer of heating equipment. There starts the development of foreign markets, particularly Russia.

In 2008

the production plant "ATONMASH" launched the modern automatic powder coating line.

At the plant was started a modern assembly line and test of the mounted boilers according to European quality standards.The uniqueness of the line is that it automates large-anchor assembly of boilers, testing of finished products, conducts final assembly of wall hung boilers on the conveyor and packaging in corrugated boxes.

In October 2009

the plant released a new line of convectors with biocular enameled steel heat exchanger.

To meet demand maximally there were produced four models of convectors ATON 2.2 to 5kW.

In 2010

under the brand name ATON the company presents to market the condensing boiler ATON EcoComfort with capacity 24-28 kW. It was created in collaboration with Dutch producer Intergas Verwarming BV.
Today the prioritized geographic market for the company not only Ukraine, but also the CIS countries. The economic policy of the enterprise enables to product the high-quality and affordable equipment in a wide range of models: boilers of various configurations (from domestic to industrial), heaters, geysers, boiler rooms.