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Parapet steel boilers

Structurally, the parapet gas-fired boilers are a good symbiosis of floor steel boilers and gas convectors. They appeared due to market demand for a compact heating unit that requires no chimney at an affordable price.

Parapet boiler ATON Compact is a compact, efficient (standard efficiency at a lower calorific value of 90%) and volatile heat generator for autonomous heating and hot water supply of small flats / houses. They are intended for use in heating systems with natural circulation of coolant. The range of boilers - 7, 10, 12.5 and 16 kW.

Structurally, the parapet boiler consists of the following elements:

  • gas-burning devices, which in turn consists of a gas valve 630 SIT (Italy) and the burner POLIDORO (Italy);
  • steel heat exchanger;
  • a sealed combustion chamber;
  • Decorative steel body, performing the role of convective type heating device;
  • flue kit for air intake and flue gases.
Parapet steel boilersParapet steel boilers


We now consider the principle of the parapet of the boiler. With piezo ignition ignited pilot burner, then the gas is fed to the main burner, the hot exhaust gases passing through the heat exchanger, heating the wall. From the walls of the heat exchanger heat is transferred to coolant heating systems - water. Just heat the boiler body, from which the heated room air passing through the holes in the decorative casing. Thus, in the room where the boiler is installed there is no need in the heater (radiator) - the boiler performs its function.

Once the heat exchanger of the boiler was heated to the desired temperature (the maximum flow temperature 90 ºС), with a temperature sensor closes the gas valve. Pilot burner stays on. After cooling coil gas valve opens again (with a temperature sensor) and lights the main burner. Thus, the desired temperature is maintained automatically, while the boiler is not dependent on external energy sources. With the loss of gas in the pipeline, pilot burner goes out when the gas is blocked at the valve with the control electrode of the flame.

The air needed for combustion is fed through a coaxial flue in a sealed combustion chamber, exhaust gases by natural convection are removed through the inner tube of coaxial flue outside.

Parapet steel boilers

Thus, the parapet ATON Compact boiler is completely safe for the consumer self-volatile radiator. In addition, there is a parapet modification of boilers with built-in hot water circuit (for DHW) boiler ATON Compact 16ЕВ gives the consumer 6.7 liters of hot water per minute at Δ 35 ºC. Connecting the heating circuit can be used either on the left side of the boiler and to the right, which greatly simplifies installation.

The high consumer quality of parapet boilers ATON Compact  appreciated by consumers, not only in Ukraine but in Russia, where the export of such equipment takes place.

The use of parapet boilers due to the following application properties:

  • low cost of the boiler (with a minimum capacity of the model number - 7 kW) ATON Compact 7Е is 2444 UAH. And boiler (with a maximum capacity of the model range - 16 kW) ATON Compact 16Е is 3133 UAH.;
  • lack of a chimney, which is important for multi-family homes;
  • compact size, which is important for small spaces;
  • the ability to reconfigure to work on propane-butane;
  • ability to work without electricity;
  • the possibility of not only heating the heating circuit, and making hot water.

Thus, the main scope of the parapet of boilers - small houses and apartments. Especially widespread parapet boilers were in small towns and cities that have been disconnected from the central heating.

Lack of constructive steel parapet boilers is dependent on strong winds, with wind speeds above 15 m / s, the boiler is unstable (it blows). Beaufort scale of 15 m / s - that's 7 points out of possible 12, the wind is described as "strong" on the ground - swaying trees. Eliminates this drawback to the windscreen mount coaxial flue boiler.