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Instantaneous gas water heater ATON

Instantaneous water heaters are designed for ATON hot water, which is used for domestic purposes in a residential area. Gas water heaters ATON produced by modern standards and have a multi-layered security system. The introduction of new technologies has allowed to achieve a high level of efficiency of the device, which increased the efficiency of the heater and ensure energy conservation. They have a control system with automatic maintenance of preset temperature level. In the absence of traction control, built-in transmitter sends a signal to disable the traction equipment. Gas water heaters are designed specifically for the ATON Ukrainian market and are able to operate at minimum pressure, which is only 0.2 MPa.

Gas household ATON columns are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 quality system.

Parameter title units JSD 13R JSD 16-8C JSG 16-8CD
Nominal heat capacity kWt 13 16 16
Fuel   Natural gas in accordance
with GOST 5542
Natural gas in accordance
with GOST 5542
Natural gas in accordance
with GOST 5542
Efficiency % 90 90 90
The combustion gases   Natural Natural Forced
The maximum gas consumption м³/hour 1,9 2,3 2,3
Water consunmption l/min 6,5 10 9
Nominal gas pressure mbar 13 13 13-18
Working pressure of water mPa 0,02-1,0 0,02-1,0 0,02-1,0
Type of ignition   Electric Electric Electric
Type of power supply   2 pcs. Type D (1,5 V) 2 pcs. Type D (1,5 V) 220 V/50 Hz/35 W
The diameter of the chimney mm 110 90 100/60
Overall dimensions mm 445х300х120 500х330х175 502х335х155
    • Easy to connect

Connections are made as speakers АTON approximate to their location in the domestic heaters.

    • Stable operation

Ability to work at a gas pressure of 13mbar to 20 mbar with increasing amounts of heated water.

    • Reliability and durability

Multi-level security system that includes traction control sensor, overheating sensor, flame sensor, pressure relief valve, 20 minute sleep timer - provide a safe work and long heater life.

    • Easy maintenance and repair of the instrument

Easy access to major sites.

    • The ideal price / performance ratio

Due to the ratio of low price and good quality is the ideal solution for hot water supply of private houses, office buildings and apartments

    • Economy

Flow principle of operation provides high efficiency of these devices, since the gas is consumed only when the water intake. There are two modes of heating power SUMMER/WINTER.

    • Quality control

Production of the heater is performed in compliance with international requirements (ISO 9001) and Ukrainian (Certification) standards.