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Wall mounted electric boilers ATON Electro 4-9

Wall mounted electric boilers ATON Electro– are modern, highly efficient, reliable and safe electric boilers of direct heating with step power adjustment. They are designed for central heating with the ability to connect an indirect heating boiler, which allows heating of a large volume of water in a short period of time, providing more comfortable conditions for the consumer.

Developed model has an attractive design, tightness and low weight. Due to placing boiler on the wall, you can provide space for other household appliances, which is important for residential premises - halls, kitchens, etc.

Boiler has a multistep power adjustment (1/3, 2/3 and full), which provides more rational use of electricity and makes it possible not to turn on boiler at full capacity during the off-season.

Boiler is controlled by a multifunctional electronic control unit, with long-term programming of temperature modes for the period from one day to one week, which is significantly reduced heating cost.

Control unit provides optimal algorithm of boiler operation and prevents emergencies.

Parameter title units КЕT 4 КЕT 6 КЕT 9
Purpose   Heating
Efficiency, not less % 99 99 99
Rated heat output kW 4,5 6,0 9,0
Electric voltage V/Hz 1х220ВV/50Hz
Maximum current per phase А 21,0 27,5 41,0
Adjustment range ºС 20-80
Recom. op. pressure in the heating circuit bar 1,0-1,4 1,0-1,4 1,0-1,4
Connecting the heating circuit inch  3/4"  3/4"  3/4"
 The material of boiler heat exchanger   Steel
Overall dimensions
Height mm 585 585 585
Width mm 135 135 135
Depth mm 130 130 130
Weight, not more kg 10,6 10,6 10,6
  • Step power adjustment;
  • Operation of boiler is fully automatic, silent, does not require maintenance;
  • Ability to connect a multirate meter;
  • Comfortable and fast installation;
  • Built-in software control module (weekly programmer) with setting up to 12 time zones per day;
  • Built-in circulating pump with sticking protection (summer mode);
  • Frost protection;
  • Overheating protection system;
  • Smooth activation of power levels;
  • Ability to connect a room thermostat;
  • Environmentally friendly and safe (no harmful emissions and extraneous odors during operation).