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Series boilers ATON SAB

ATON Group does not stand still! At the international exhibition Aqua-Therm 2011 has introduced a new line of equipment - steel fire-tube boilers of the series ATON SAB. The boilers are made capacity from 350 kW to 2 MW.

ATON SAB – two-way boilers with reversing the development of flame in the furnace. These boilers are made in accordance with all requirements for energy efficiency. Have low power consumption and small gas emissions of CO and NOx. Easy to maintain - the front door of the boiler can be opened in both directions without removing the burner. Depending on the burner can run on different fuels. Due to the high quality of the welds, as evidenced by radiological studies,   and steel heat exchanger, which is not afraid to temperature extremes between supply and return lines, the service life of the boiler is 20 years.

Boilers of series ATON SAB supplied with safety devices, burner, control panel and fully prepared to work.

Buy a series of boilers ATON SAB you get the warmth and comfort for years to come!